The Laboratory 55hr – AUGUST 2022 – Small Batch

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We have created a special range where each month we will release a very limited and small batch of special fragrances.  Some will be completely new to Dr Bob’s while others will be some a special release of our best sellers from our fragrance vault we have not had on range for some time. With such small units being poured it is first come first served with no back orders available on these lines.  Stay tuned for new and exciting scents to be released each month!

We believe that candles are for enjoying and filling your houses with amazing scents on a daily basis.  Too often we are gifted with a delicious candle but never burn it because they are so expensive!  Well, here is a range that still consists of the best soy wax and fragrances on the market, but a no frills everyday candle that you can afford to burn all the time!  Housed in a high quality white opaque jar, these candles will suit any decor and have a lovely glow when it up through the white walls of the jar.


Our laboratory candles will burn for at approx 55 hours when kept out of a draft.

Before lighting, always trim wick down to its correct height of 0.5 cm.  This will extend the life of your candle, reduce the height of the flame and keep any sooty smudges on the jar to a minimum.

Glass Weight: 470g  : Height 9.9 x 8.1cm Diameter

Note that these candles are not boxed but are complete with matching glass lid to keep the dust out when candle is not being used.



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